Action Research in ELT

509 Research Methodology

EDEL 519 Teacher Development – 3

Course plan for Spring Semester 2015

This course is designed for graduate level students as a practical course in teacher development. With this course students will play a different role from a teacher i.e. of a teacher developer. Teacher development in itself is a wide area and training students to be teacher developers will certainly be an ambitious task. So this course will be an introductory one and will develop in students general philosophy of teacher development and skills required to help teacher development. The areas addressed by the course will be teacher training, observation and feedback, continuing professional development and mentoring.

Tutor: Dr. Laxman Gnawali

This course aims to equip students with the latest techniques and principles in ELT. Specifically this course is intended to develop an advanced awareness in students of theoretical understanding of methods and techniques in practice. It develops knowledge and skills for teaching different skills and aspects of English.