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  • साधारण

    About the Animals
  • Introduction

    Welcome to eighth grade science! This year students will study chemistry, physics, and astronomy. Students will also participate in the substance abuse prevention program called Project Alert. Although the curriculum will be challenging, good work habits will ensure success. Be a responsible student. Bring your materials to school everyday. Be on time to class. Start on the right track by having supplies.


  • Measurement

    Measurement (from Old French, mesurement) is the assignment of numbers to objects or events.[1] It is a cornerstone of most natural sciences, technology, economics, andquantitative research in other social sciences.

    Any measurement of an object can be judged by the following meta-measurement criteria values: level of measurement (which includes magnitude), dimensions (units), anduncertainty. They enable comparisons to be done between different measurements and reduce confusion. Even in cases of clear qualitative similarity or difference, increased precision through quantitative measurement is often preferred in order to aid in replication. For example, different colours may be operationalized based either on wavelengths oflight or (qualitative) terms such as "green" and "blue" which are often interpreted differently by different people. The science of measurement is called metrology.

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    About the Plants
  • End Semester Exam

    End Semestaer Exam

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