All courses offered under the department of Educational Leadership are in this category.

This course is designed to provide an exposure in theoretical as well as practical aspects of program evaluation in educational setting. It basically focuses on evaluation process, methods and techniques useful in evaluating educational programs and services. This course provides a conceptual understanding of program evaluation with perspectives and approaches to evaluation, skills for developing evaluation tools and techniques and approaches for using these tools and techniques in evaluating educational programs. Further, it provides an opportunity of developing culture specific and participatory evaluation schemes for educational programs and services as well. In addition to providing knowledge and skills for developing and implementing program evaluation activities, this course presents skills of planning and managing for program evaluation activities in an educational institution.

Major activities of the course include independent writing, classroom discussion, peer review, presentation, library study and field visits.  Assessment of learners will be made on the basis of their reflective, critical and constructive participation in the aforementioned activities, thereby contributing to the successful completion of the course. 

Research Project