This course assists the students in developing their professional voice through the exploration of the significant problems they are encountering in their educational setting. They will complete and action research project and engage in reflective discussions and seminars as a part of their course for their professional development with the improvement in their practice.

This course is designed, aiming towards exploring school- community relations in the context of in/equalities in educational outcomes across diverse settings. With an understanding that school-community relations shape, and are shaped by, broader social, economic and cultural processes, the course considers the role of educational leadership in promoting both student learning and broader community building goals through planned school community partnership activities. This course explores the historical and contemporary contexts for parent/family/community relationships with schools, and makes a critical examination of the relationships between parental involvement and academic success, promising practices for building positive school-community relations, and the ways of building partnership with the community to get continued support to schools/educational institutions. The course will also examine emerging policies and trends that shape school-community relations in Nepal and review   the success stories and best practices of school community partnerships at the international level. Besides, it incorporates the roles of educational leader in reinforcing school- community relations, knowledge and skills required for the creation of relations and communication strategies required for management of possible crises. The course intends to develop insights and understanding among students for identifying the aspects of school- community partnership, facilitating school community partnership and strengthening school community relations for continued support and development of schools or educational institutions.