The main purpose of this Research Project is to enable the students to develop and write academic research papers. Under the supervision of a faculty member, the students work in different stages of conducting an academic research. The students are guided to collect the data, interpret them and discuss the data integrating the theoretical insights in the process of preparing an academic research and writing a paper following the standard format.

This course examines the roles and responsibilities of an effective manager in an early childhood development professional context. In this course, various aspects of early childhood development services will be explored such as planning, management, finances and legislative obligations, through the lens of values-based decision making. Managing an early childhood education programs is complex and involves working with diverse group of stakeholders, children, family, the community and governmental agencies. This course provides with information and perspectives across a range of areas that a manager and a leader of ECD will encounter. This course will focus on personal and professional values and visions, as these relate to the everyday practical application and operations of being an effective manager