Depending on the socialculture context of the society, the students will explore different pedagogies that can be applied in the classroom. The aim of this course is to engage students in learning different emerging pedagogies. Having knowledge on different ways of teaching and learning, the students can adopt the teaching approach that best suits their personal needs as well as the need of the students and the context. Through this course the students will acquire skills and tools that will help them in their classroom. Learning different innovative pedagogies will also strengthen students’ pedagogy and the students can choose their own path of teaching and learning. Some of the skills that the students will attain in this course are 21st Century skills, ICT skills, design thinking skills and so forth. One of the aims of this course is to help students in their transformative learning.

Course Overview

In this constantly changing landscape, there is a widespread consensus that the educational system should empower learners with knowledge, skills, and competencies. The context is about integrating the transversal skills (21st-century skills or soft skills). For this, the educational system should be restructured progressively to include the innovative pedagogical approaches to teach different subjects in an integrated way. In this phenomenon, this course has been made to provide students the theoretical orientation of innovative pedagogies such as problem-solving, inquiry-based, project-based, story-based, etc. which are powerful methods to address the holistic development of the learners. Similarly, this course aims at providing practical knowledge and skills to implement these pedagogical practices in the context of teaching and learning. Learners get equipped with the knowledge and skills of these pedagogies that lead the innovation in teaching and learning of STEAM-related subjects. In addition to this, the course welcomes the practical knowledge and skills to integrate several disciplines with the help of innovative pedagogies.