EDMT 512

Statistics (Mathematics) (3)

Master in Mathematics Education


You are welcome to this course EDMT 512 Statistics. The main aim of this course is to bring descriptive and inferential statistical ideas in the field of teaching, applied mathematics, and educational research. The course covers the fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistical techniques and conceptual understanding of these techniques. The primary focus of this course is to develop competence and the ability to use these techniques in educational research. This course provides hands-on training as well on the use of the statistical packages, especially SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). 



EDMT 542: Curricula in Mathematics  Education (3)

The course called “EDMT 542 Curricula in Math Education” aims at helping postgraduate students to conceptualise and develop the curriculum of school (primary, secondary and higher secondary). The nature of the course is based on blend of theory and practice through which the students will be enabled to contextualise theoretical perspectives of global and local mathematical knowledge to their everyday lifeworlds by incorporating their cultural capitals. Finally, the course aims at enabling the students to develop a model curriculum through the amalgamation of global and local mathematical knowledge and practices.

EDMT 513  Number Theory and Teach Arith (3)

# Mr. Shiva Datta Dawadi

                             Course: EDUC 509 Research Methodology (3)
                                       Facilitators: Indra Mani Shrestha