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Hands-on learning provides a strong foundation to teach conceptual content in STEAM education.. Using concrete material to learn has proved helpful for  toddlers, children and adults to construct knowledge practically because the process stimulates  all five human senses. This course aims to provide educators both theoretical and practical knowledge in designing and developing materials to teach STEAM-related content. Learners will be empowered with  practical knowledge to integrate the arts into their lessons. They will learn to  develop powerful materials to address  the cognitive,  affective and psychomotor development of students.

The course will focus on novel educational approaches, instructional design, creative collaboration and production of contextual STEAM learning materials that promote Learning through Play (LtP) approach in classrooms. Iterative design thinking cycles and project-based work will be paired with semi-formal research, theoretical analysis, reflective writing, and project documentation. By researching, investigating, and applying creative educational models, students will experience a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge about STEAM education and learning pedagogies onto a real-world use case in designing learning materials for classes and testing them with students and educators in real time. 

The course will be delivered in 3 modules
  1. Module I: Learning Through Play
  2. Module II: Generating Insights
  3. Module III: From Ideas to Action