Management and Leadership in Sustainable Development course focuses on a holistic and integrated approach to management strategies and leadership practices in organizations and/or projects with the aim of aligning strategies for sustainable development. The course is designed to build management and leadership competencies amongst the scholars and practitioners in the education and development sector to integrate sustainable development mindset, strategies, and vision in the organization or projects. This course provides basic understanding in practical management and leadership skills to manage organizations, projects, and programs for sustainable development. Management and leadership are the most crucial aspects for foreseeing sustainability in public and private sectors. The course emphasizes the action oriented and experiential learning for developing leaders for sustainable development which enhance the decision making and problem-solving skills for sustainable futures.

Managing projects in the field of development requires a specific knowledge and skill. The learning of project management is essential in the context to equip the knowledge and skills for the development thinkers and workers. This is also important to develop critical understanding for the efficient utilization of resources and achievement of the development results. Considering this, this course helps learners in enhancing their critical ability for careful designing, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating of the results of a development project. Therefore, the course consists of both theoretical and practical aspects of result based project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.