This course is about linking educational theories into practices. Educational theories seek to know, understand, prescribe and apply to educational practices. This course includes topics such as ethics of belief, politics, social values, pedagogy, andragogy, curriculum, learning, teaching, policy, plan, leadership, and culture. The course also includes a different premise for twenty-first-century education. Selected theories of education will be discussed to capture the different dimensions of educational thoughts. During the course of the study, students are expected to relate these perspectives, principles, and thoughts to the development of education. The main aim of the course is to widen the horizon of the knowledge and ideas of students so that they could be able to identify day-to-day educational problems and issues associated with certain theories, principles, and philosophies of a broad spectrum of the educational landscape.

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of theories and practices of curriculum development in TVET. It highlights the fundamentals of curriculum planning, development, implementation and evaluation. It also focuses on current research in TVET curriculum and its practical application in instruction.  The course also discusses the competency-based curriculum and skills and knowledge needed for it.

This course aims to help learners to gain an advanced understanding of the foundations and the theoretical underpinnings of curriculum design in TVET.  It provides insights into the approaches and practices of TVET curriculum development.  Students also learn performing TVET focused curriculum design, evaluation, research and innovation and designing and practising competency based curriculum.