The main purpose of this course will be to make the students able to diagnose problems of the area/ discipline concerned, study the problem in-depth, identify alternatives for the solution of the problem, use the alternatives to solve the problems and continue the cycle until the problem is solved. The other side of the course aims to equip the students with knowledge of mixing education with research and become vigilant of the problem associated or to be associated with the classroom activities. This course follows a seminar mode which would require the students to make presentations on certain areas jointly selected by the course instruction and the student.

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to

  • prepare a well-researched paper on a selected subject
  • present the paper effectively
  • defend the contents of the paper in the colloquium

Nepal's primary education will be the theme of the colloquium. The frequency of the colloquium will be fixed by the instructor. The course instructor can invite external speakers also to work as a resource for the person in the colloquium.