Human behavior is most critical element for organizational performance and productivity. Desirable human behavior is necessary for organizational success. Educational leaders and managers are expected to understand that educational institutions are social system where individual values, needs expectations and organizational goals and expectations interplay each other in a given environment. Organizational members, their behavior, their motivation, commitment and organizational citizenship are the critical success factors. Person-job match is a widely accepted principle of enhancing organizational performance and productivity. The match between person and job environment is essential to achieve desirable goals of any organization. Managers and leaders having through understanding of organization behavior and ability to practice it can create conducive work environment to enhance employee's motivation, commitment and organizational citizenship behavior required for enhancing organizational performance. Therefore, study of organizational behavior seeks to understand and explain, predict and change human behavior within an organization be it business or educational.

It is not an easy task to understand, explain and predict human behavior in organizations, because it arises from people's deep-seated needs and value systems. However, it can be partially understood terms of the framework of behavioral science, management, social sciences and other disciplines. In this course, we will attempt to review the field of organizational behavior and explore the ways of applying the scientific method to solving practical managerial problems pertaining human behavior in organizations. Although there are no perfect solutions to organizational problems of our educational system, we all will try to increase our understanding ad skills so that human relations at the work place can be improved and upgraded. We can work effectively with people if we can understand and explain their behavior and enrich our ability effectively managing human resources in educational organizations.