Same Subjects in Two Programs [1 year and 2 year] 

This course intends to prepare educational leaders for upgrading instructional activities like approaches of managing classrooms, pedagogical planning, preparing and using instructional resources, assessment of students learning and other area related to students learning. Overall goal with this course is to help students examine issues related to teacher effectiveness, leadership and mentoring, and reflect about teaching practice in relation to learning outcomes. It is expected that students gain knowledge and skill to effectively guide and assess the work of novice teachers. During the course, we will examine question about what it means to be an effective teacher, supervisor, mentor, leader and researcher in terms of meeting the needs of students in today's schools. Further this course intends to develop educational leaders who accept responsibility for ensuring that the learning of students in the school is optimal and can interpret national and global trends and issues in the school setting. An attempt will be made to impart essential knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for an effective school Principal and educational leader who can provide dynamic leadership for change and innovation, academic success and optimum stakeholder satisfaction.