Course Description:

This course is developed for providing opportunity to the students for familiarizing with both quantitative and qualitative as well as mixed method research.  It provides insights on all key aspects of designing, carrying out, and disseminating research though publication and other means.  The course also has aspects of evaluating research projects.

The objective of the course:

The course aims to help students for acquiring key tenets of quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research design.  It starts with the introduction of research traditions and moves to different aspects of designing and carrying out different types of research.  It also aims to develop competency among students on presenting and disseminating research findings as well as evaluating and managing research projects through publications, presentations, etc.  The course focuses particularly on researching technical and vocational education.

Course Contents

This is a three-credit hours course.  Students are required to attend a three hours session each week for 16 weeks.  The course is divided into four modules.  Each module is designed with specific learning objectives and learning outcomes.  Each module is of 12 hours each and is divided into 4 topics. It is to be noted that each part of a module is associated with a particular topic, and, each topic will have one or more readings (article or book chapter) associated with it.