This course is designed to provide basic knowledge and skills on positivistic researches. It intends to emphasize the application and interpretation of statistical analyses of data so that some meaningful conclusions could be drawn.The course focuses on using different statistics as tools of data analysis in research. 

The course aims to help students to understand statistics and its importance and scope in research and make them competent in meaningful use of different statistics like Illustrative statistics, descriptive statistics, correlation and inferential statistics in analyzing data. The course also aims to help students on organizing, summarizing, describing and generalizing data in a meaningful way for drawing meaningful interpretations of statistics and research findings.

Use of statistical package(s) (SPSS) is an integral part in this course. This makes students capable to use such packages independently for statistical analyses. Students will be taught SPSS file management, data management and statistical analysis from the very beginning. After discussing the theoretical part of statistical analysis in the first session of class, students are allowed to do practical in the second session. Furthermore, under the project work  - students will conduct statistical analysis of the given data set and prepare a write up.