This course introduces students to critical and analytical thinking and reading as well as university-level writing through the study and application of the principles of university-level discourse. The course focuses on expository writing. Students examine methods for discovering and arranging ideas and consider ways in which audience determines style. The course involves written and oral assignments based on the main text and a variety of prose models. 

Specific Objectives:

  1. Use acceptable grammatical constructions in writing in English
  2. Write descriptions of situations using simple, straightforward descriptive language
  3. Synthesize major ideas in writing after reading professional literature.
  4. Organize materials and ideas into a logical sequence as required for a scientific approach to writing research reports, thesis, and other scholarly documents.
  5. Follow the APA style guidelines for writing papers and thesis, and understand the uniqueness of the APA style requirements when compared with other styles used in professional journals.
  6. Summarize information into a written report after listening to audio-tapes.
  7. Critique another person's writing regarding grammatical constructions, organization of ideas, and clarity of presentation.

Module 1: Writing a paragraph

Module 2: Short essays

Module 3: Writing a Course Paper

Module 4: APA Style

Reference Texts:

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