Available Learning Resources

The School of Education prescribes the use of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE), available in the E-Learning platform of the School (www.kusoede.edu.np).  Faculties must be using Moodle for sharing lesson schedules or plans, learning resources (reading and audio-visual materials) to students, assigning works to them, conducting e-forums and workshops, receiving their works, and providing feedback to them, assessing their learning, conducting tests, and giving them grades.  Students should also be utilizing this resource in their learning process like making e-discussion with their faculties and classmates, accessing and sharing learning resources, submitting their works to their faculties and getting their feedback, participating in tests, etc.  Emphasis on Moodle does not mean that other means of communication and interaction like email, telephone, Skype, Viber, G-Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc. could not be used.  These could be used but together with Moodle.  Moodle is basically for asynchronous learning (learning at one’s own time), though it could also be used for synchronous learning (learning by coming virtually together).

If some faculties and students feel a problem in managing these online learning resources, School will provide them the virtual technical support.  For this, they could contact their respective HODs.  Or, please contact Mr. Jagadish Thapa (mobile – 9860104858; email – jagadish@kusoed.edu.np), our IT person, during normal hours.  They could also write to ict@kusoed.edu.np

Steps to create Google meeting (For Faculties)

  • Open your official email …@kusoed.edu.np
  • Open the Google Apps by clicking the icon with 9 dots on the right upper side of your email screen (close to G Suite)
  • Click “Meet” or click this link to create a meeting room
  • Click “Join or start a meeting”
  • Enter meeting code or nickname and click “Continue”
  • Click Allow – Camera and Microphone use by Meet
  • The meeting room is created, now click on “Join now”
  • After this, you may Add people or provide URL to others by emailing them. The URL looks like https://meet.google.com/qho-nhvc-szj

Steps to join the Google meeting (For students)

  • Open your email
  • Click the link provided to you by your faculty to join the virtual class meeting
  • Click Allow – Camera and Microphone use by Meet
  • If needed user meeting code: efi-fgad-vqu
  • Click Ask to join and wait a while for your request approval.
  • Requirements:
    • Good internet connection
    • Google Chrome browser (Recommended). However, it works with the most common browsers.
    • Email account – …@kusoed.edu.np for creating Google Meet; any other email for participating
    • Audio/Video enabled computers, smart mobile or tablet pc
    • If you use mobile or tablet pc, please download the app: Google Meet from the following links: Android Users Click Here, iPhone Users Click Here


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