Guidelines for Online Teaching and Learning

The present-day world is
suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and so is Nepal.  This situation has badly affected the life
and living of the people.  Governments
around the world are using the measure of lockdown to prevent the spread of the
disease.  In Nepal, it is now more than
two weeks that all educational institutions are closed and we do not know how long
this situation would continue and how long we should remain locked in our
homes. As a result, millions of school-going children and youth are unable to
attend their schools and colleges. As life goes on in any situation, so is the
process of learning.  We can remain locked
inside our houses but the educational processes cannot remain so.  Kathmandu University School of Education is
proud that just within two-three days of the government announcement of closing
down all educational institutes in the country, it could begin classes in
online mode.  Thanks to technology and
thanks to our students, faculties, and staff who have expressed their
commitment to continue teaching and learning amidst obstacles.  Our available infrastructure, the readiness
of the faculties, and enthusiastic response from the students are very much
important here. In light of this new beginning of online classes or learning
sessions, this document is prepared to facilitate the students and faculties
and for providing some basic guidelines to them.  These online classes are to be considered as
regular face-to-face classes and will be a part of the total credit hours required
for completing the course.  

Available Learning Resources

Learning Assessment System and Its Monitoring

Guidelines for Faculties

Guidelines for Students

15 April 2020