MPhil in English Language Education

MPhil in English Language Education is a one and half year research degree that aims to enhance research skills and knowledge of the English language professionals. The program foresees transforming practices in English language education with researching, advocating, publishing and identifying needs of English language, teaching and learning, ELT management and research.

Program Objectives and Attributes


By completing MPhil in English Language Education program, research students are expected to demonstrate

  • an ability to identify research issue(s) and to develop viable research design as per the ethos of paradigm(s), methodologies and methods employed in their research;
  • a sound understanding of the major areas, focus and contours of local, regional and international research in their respective research area;
  • a capacity for critical assessment of relevant scholarly literature in their field of study;
  • an ability to accomplish defined scholarly research within a specific research program
  • an ability to develop, implement and evaluate educational programs for the concerned community of practice;
  • well-developed flexible problem-solving abilities (skills, knowledge and attitudes) appropriate to the area of study;
  • an ability to develop the ethos of life-long learning in their personal and professional contexts.

Structure of the program

The program is of three semesters. There are courses for 33 credit hours comprising core courses (9 credit hours) and specialization courses (12 credit hours), electives courses (3 credit hours), dissertation (including others options) (9 credit hours).

Overall Program Structure

Core Courses (9)

EDUC 600 Educational Dimensions (3)

EDUC 620 Research Methods (3)

Educ 621 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (3) or

Educ 622 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (3)

Specialization Courses (12)

EDEL 609 Language Teacher Education and Development (3)

EDEL 619 Contemporary Thoughts in English Education (3)

EDEL 629 Issues in English Language Education (3)

EDEL 639 Trends in Applied Linguistics (3)

Electives Courses (any one) (3)

EDUC 642 Academic Writing and Research (3)

EDUC 652 Statistical Methods in Research (3)

EDUC 662 World Englishes (3)

Research/Dissertation (9)

EDUC 680 Dissertation (9)


EDUC 670 Research Papers (9): two papers, one of which should have been published in referred journals during the study period (9 Credit hours) Subject to the approval by the research committee

Total Credits 33 Cr. Hrs.

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