Prof. Mahesh Nath Parajuli

Prof. Mahesh Nath Parajuli
Current Dean
On office ( From 2015 October 8)

Professor Parajuli feels a
strong need for reengineering the structure and design of the present form of
schooling. The reason for this is that schooling in many parts of the world,
particularly in developing countries, has remained an external and standardized
process. As a result, schooling across the world has remained the same, while
societies and people are highly diverse. This has created a huge cultural gap
between schooling and its context. This is also because the present-day
schooling has ignored the Knowledge Heritage – locally developed system and
practices of knowing and educating. Hence, there is a need to align schooling
more with the local sociocultural context by making it a much broader,
flexible, and open process of knowing and educating is important for a quality
life. It is also important that education prepare youth for the realization of
a ‘different’ world where humans are only one entity among thousands of other beings and things. Likewise, preparing youth
for the future world that seems very uncertain and probably where several other
human actions and inventions would dominate the world should be seen as one of
the key functions of education. Linking people and societies across the globe
facilitating the sharing of knowledge should also be one of the prime functions
of education.  


of interest of Professor Parajuli include education sociology, development
studies, gender studies and feminism, policy and planning, and research
methods. He has been teaching these topics for long. One of his foremost
interest areas is studying education processes with several other processes of